Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shavuos 2006 with the Grand Rabbi of Satmar

Tens of thousands of People attended the Shavuos (Shavuoth) celebration in the presence of the Grand Rabbi of Satmar Aron (Aaron) Teitelbaum. In the second of 2 clips watch the interesting and very traditional "Bageliten" ritual. Satmar Hasidim are seen escorting home their leader to his house after the holiday, with dancing in the streets. Children are carrying torches, and a big chandelier of torches is pushed on wheels by adults. The crowd is so big that the rabbi's Car can hardly pass through the throngs of Hasidim. After arriving at his house, the Rabbi gives a speach and bestows his blessing to the thousands of followers. Then somone in the crowd shouts out "long live our master and Rabbi!" He recieves a mighty response of "Yechi!" ("Long Live!") Because the Rabbi is still in the mourning period (his father passed away recently) there was no music at the Bagleiten

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