Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do Satmar Rebbes enjoy concerts?

A Child Singing "Tiher" For The Satmar Rabbi At The Sheva Bruchas For The Grandchild Of The Satmar Rabbi From Kiryas Joel Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum At The Satmar Bais Hamedrash On 14th Hooper In Williamsburg June 11 2009.
It seems that R' Aron didn't enjoy the show too much based on his reaction after the song ended. He looks for someone else to shake hands with and when the poor child gets too close he motions for him to wait.

The old Satmar Rabbi also didn't seem to be too interested in listening to the entire song but at least shakes the guy's hand.

Although in the previous clip it doesn't look like R' Zalman Leib has much interest in the concert,in this clip he attends a scheduled 8 minute performance.

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