Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bobov Rebbe Zt"l at Wedding of Bobov Rebbe Shlita Son

Grand Rabbi of Bobov, Reb Naftali Tzvi Halberstam Zt"l at the Wedding of Duvid Halberstam Son of his Brother the Grand Rabbi of Bobov, Reb Benzion Halberstam Shlita, in Bobov Shul on 48st. at Mark 4:00 the Children Perform a Short March Lead by Pinchos Goldman. at Mark 6:20 the Bobover Rebbe Zt"l Dances Mitzva Tantz on his Sides his Eidimer on the Left is Grand Rabbi of Bobov, Reb Mordchai Duvid Unger, on the Right is Avda"k Bobov, Reb Shia Rubin. at Mark 8:30 the Rebbe Tells the Music to Stop Playing. at Mark 9:00 the Bobover Rebbe Shlita Dances Mitzva Tantz. at Mark 15:50 Hatzolah is Being Called for Somone Collapsed from Alot Pushing at Wedding. at Mark 16:10 the Rebbe Shlita Dances with his Right Hand Gabbi. at Mark 17:10 the Rebbe Shlita Sings & Dances on the Song Ein Keilokiny. the date was June 9, 2003.

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