Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Torah Defense, Part 2: Morale in the IDF

In past generations, the numbers of one's armies determined the outcome of war. Today, the quality of one's forces far outweighs the significance of its numbers. This is true with regard to the technological superiority of weaponry, but, and even more so, the superiority of the soldiers themselves.

The psychological state of the soldier is everything. Soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces have recently been asking for deeper spiritual inspiration. The leaders have been attempting to "boost morale" by sending entertainers and comedians who confuse and distract the soldiers, while they are searching for true meaning and direction.

The enemy must know that a Jewish soldier is ready not only with proper weapons, but with a healthy and inspired state of mind. Some people ask how tefillin or tzitzis assist in achieving this goal. The answer is: It doesn't really matter 'how' a medicine works, only that it actually does. Torah and mitzvos have successfully achieved this goal, sustaining and fortifying the Jewish people through every imaginable situation for over three thousand years.

19 Kislev, 5734 · December 14, 1973

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