Tuesday, April 12, 2016

50 Years Of The Belzer Rebbe's Nesius Event - Full Event

 Musical overture to the evening

 Pesach Seder in musical form and first years of Belz in Eastern Europe as it was founded.

Belz grows –continuing musical historical story of Belz as it once was.

The story continues with the previous Rebbe Rav Aharon ZTS”L through the Holocaust and his
miraculous escape and arrival in Eretz hakoidesh with his brother the Bulgaryer Rov STZ”L (the father
of the current Rebbe)

The continuous growth of Belz in Eretz Hakoidesh post Holocaust under the current Rebbe Shlita

Musical interlude

The Rebbe’s speech (part 1)

The Rebbe’s speech (part 2) followed by more musical entertainment

Presentations to the major donors and supporters of Belz

Lebedig conclusion to the evening with final words from the Rebbe wishing everyone a
safe return home.

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